I am a woman who dares to be different

I am uncomplicated in my desire to express myself

I am honest I am unpretentious

I am understated in my presentation of perfection

I am ageless I am me I am unique

Like the 14 Facets I wear

14 Facets jewellery is designed to bring you the beauty of diamonds,
with, polished to the roughest state of 14 facets.

In this most natural form is its hidden beauty. And hidden story.

I am distinctive in my 14 Facets. I am a diamond shaped with care to expose the natural splendor that I am – beauty in the raw reflection of my unique scars and marks – the hand of my journey from the bowels of the earth on the fire of a volcanic eruption.

I am matchless in my rarity, set in metals in designs uniquely South African. I am a raw reflection of nature’s supremacy. Just as you are.