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Beauty that the world doesn’t look for, unique, just like you.

Loving your 14 Facets is about loving the fact that it is as raw as it comes. Your diamond’s carbon footprint is reduced to the very carbon it is, in itself.

We have chosen to create a jewellery range that (has as little impact on the planet in jewellery creation as is possible. Beautiful, unique, it comes to you with a commitment by us to have little impact on our planet. While choosing these magnificent gems, whose story is now not lost to our world, we ensure that our creations are walking their footprint into the world, marking the sands of time, with beauty.

The bespoke jewellery we create and every diamond we stock, can all be purchased safe in the knowledge that they are unique, raw and authentic with little to no environmental impact. All the while supporting job creation through bringing a jewellery line to you that is not an industry standard.

14 Facets – setting new standards with a little something the earth offers, that most have overlooked before. Unique raw reflection.

14 Facets embraces sustainable and ethical creative jewellery design. For you.

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