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The difference between rough and cut diamonds.

Rough and cut diamonds are the two extreme states of a diamond, and in between there is a facet in distinctions. Rough diamonds are still in their natural form after travelling from up to 100 km below the earth’s surface to the earth’s mantle, the stage before they are actually cut.

Our raw reflections in rough diamonds are stones that differ only from traditional cut diamonds in that they are rough cut gemstones, a natural finish achieved by giving the stone a 14 Facet polish.

Traditionally a cut diamond will either be a single cut or a full cut, and the uniqueness of your 14 Facets lies in understanding the difference between these standard cuts and your untamed beauty.  A full cut diamond has as a standard 57 or 58 Facets. In the number of facets lies the true story of just how close to the original state your 14 Facet stone is.

When we examine a rough diamond, we choose the parts of the stone that will best carry the 14 Facets to let their hidden beauty shine through, creating an organic look that mimics the state they were found in. We study the colour and uniqueness of the inclusions, the birthmarks of your diamond that tell the story of its formation under extreme heat and pressure; imperfections that are unique to each and a wonderful narrative of its journey to the surface of the earth – the facets simply enhancing its natural features. It is the pleasure of the untamed beauty in them that summons the designs that hold each stone.

While a cut diamond will offer a particular expected type of sparkle, your 14 Facets carry a subtler beauty to you. A very personal beauty of depth, inspiring a certain curiosity, every stone its own unique shape and colour. Its very own unique Raw Reflections.

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