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The symbolic meaning behind brown diamonds.

Unapologetic yet unrecognised. I do exist, exuding my beauty and elegance onto the few that value my worth. For hidden I am not, I shine in all honesty. Like the Camissa River, I am the foundation of all that glistens. In the quiet depths of Table Mountain, I carry bloodlines of our ancestors, their history. With every drop that flows, I waver not into the darkness, but tread slowly into the light. I am forever still.

Beautiful and radiant, it glows with its own unique and unquestionable magnificence, but that hadn’t always been the case. Brown diamonds were always shunned away as ugly and unfavourable as the DeBeers diamond monopoly called the shots on what makes a diamond worthy. As such, brown diamonds became ‘industry diamonds’ and instead of being admired for its unquestionable worth, it was used in the industrial sector as abrasives granules. The world simply preferred clear white diamonds and the popularity of brown diamonds rose at a snail’s pace.

The Argyle Mines in Australia was one of the few mines not owned by DeBeers at the time. They too, had followed the rules DeBeers set out for brown diamonds globally by selling off the many they mined to the industrial sector. But, the Argyle Mines saw brown diamonds for what they were all along: Valuable and beautiful. They knew all too well at that time, that the world thought very little of this momentous stone and came up with a very clever marketing strategy of their own. They sold the abundance of brown diamonds they had under names associated with class, elegance, and nobility, taking away the association of brown diamonds to dirty rocks. They sold the diamonds under names such as Cognac, Champagne and Chocolate Diamonds. Popularity soared slowly but it soar.

Brown diamonds are more common than people actually realise, in fact all rough diamonds have a faint brown colour to it. Brown diamonds get their colour from stress deep inside the earth millions of years ago. This stress deforms the diamond’s crystal lattice and forms a unique texture called ‘graining’. The crystal lattice changes the way the diamond reflects light. The diamond crystal then absorbs many wavelengths of light which allow our eyes to see it as brown.

Brown diamonds are also more affordable as their popularity is not yet on the level of their crystal white counterparts. If you’ve got your heart set on a diamond but you have a budget to stick to, this is the perfect stone for you. This stone will capture your heart without effort.

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