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A fact you didn’t know about brown diamonds.

Do you know what the biggest cut and faceted diamond in the world is right now? You might assume it’s a clear diamond. But it’s not, it’s actually a brown diamond called the Golden Jubilee. Its current owner is the King of Thailand and its home is in the Royal Thai Palace, where it is part of the Crown Jewels.

Brown diamonds are beautiful but undervalued and unappreciated. In fact, when this diamond was discovered in 1985, it was called the Unnamed Brown Diamond and remained being in an uncut and unpolished state until 1990. It took Gabriel Tolkowsky  a long 2 years to cut and polish it into its unique fire rose cushion cut it is known for today.

The diamond was discovered in the Premiere Mine in South Africa. It’s an incredible 545.67 carats and weighs 109.13 grams and is estimated to be valued between $4 and $12 million USD. This is the same mine that has yielded some other famous diamonds including the Cullinan Diamond and the Taylor-Burton Diamond.

Even in today’s modern world, brown diamonds still remain vastly unheard of, taking backseat to the famous clear and colourless diamond.

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