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Did you know black diamonds take over a year to cut?

The Black Orlov is a famous black diamond that’s believed to be cursed. It’s a 67.5-carat black diamond brooch-like pendant surrounded by a string of 108 clear diamonds. According to legend, it’s called “Eye of Brahma” because the black centre stone is believed to be part of a 195 carat stone that was taken out from the eye of the statue of the Hindu God Brahma, from a temple in India.

Strangely enough, the reason as to why the centre diamond is known as an uncut diamond is probably because diamonds can take over a year to cut…

Black diamonds are known as the toughest form of natural diamonds. The reason why cutting this gem is such a tedious process for the cutter is because black diamonds also known as carbonados have an exquisite yet unstable composition. This impure form of polycrystalline comprises of diamond, graphite, pyrite, hematite and amorphous carbon. Hard work, sweat and time are needed on the part of the cutter when cutting this rare gem.

When it comes to caring for these gems be super sensitive. Despite the diamond’s hard structure, it usually consists of hundreds and thousands of multiple fractures so looking after it is vital.

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