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Black diamonds do not reflect light and may have an unusual origin.

In a moment in time, I shed a million teardrops. Descending through the heavens, they plummeted to the earth and scattered across its surface, sinking into its depths.

And there they rested patiently, as the passage of time unfolded. Holding the enigmatic beauty of tears cried in solitude, waiting to be discovered to unravel the mysteries of the universe.

Carbonado was the name we bore, tougher than any other metal you ever saw. They call us a ‘curse’ or a ‘blessing’, we hard to define. Unlike other diamonds, we don’t shine! We absorb light and this is our true beauty… Proving the myths wrong now that is our duty!

Myths from ancient Greek and Roman cultures believed diamonds were the tears of the gods and splinters from falling stars. These seem like fanciful beliefs with beautiful symbolism held in their stories. But do they bear some truth? Of all the diamonds that grace our planet, black diamonds are the most unusual and intriguing. They are the strongest of these mighty gems, they‘re not found in the same places and deposits as their fellow diamonds and their formation is unique in comparison too.

Naturally, as these characteristics have been uncovered, they’ve captivated our attention and led to the inevitable question of ‘why?’

All other diamonds have a geological birth. Yet black diamonds defy this origin. There is growing research suggesting black diamonds are extraterrestrial creations.

Like other diamonds, black diamonds are formed by high pressure on carbon under the earth’s surface. But, they contain trace elements of nitrogen and hydrogen, which point to their outer space genesis.

True black diamonds have exceptional colour, unlike other coloured diamonds. While other diamonds are solid crystals, black diamonds consist of many small crystals bonded in random formation. This, together with graphite inclusions, makes them opaque. They absorb light, holding it within them rather than reflecting it and this gives them their magnificent shine once polished.

As mentioned, black diamonds are not found in conventional minefields. They’re concentrated in alluvial deposits across Brazil and Central Africa. In past times, these two continents were joined prior to continental drift.

These characteristics all point to the growing evidence that black diamond’s formed in stellar supernova explosions in outer space and reached the earth between two to four million years ago through a meteorite crash. It is believed when they first landed on the earth, they were a kilometre or more in diameter.

These facts inspire our appreciation and admiration of this fascinating gem. Yet there are a few black diamond myths that startle us.  In Ancient India, people stayed clear of black diamonds as they saw them as a curse. The reason was that the black of the diamond resembled the colour of a snake’s eye and snakes were considered a bad omen by these Indians.  This negative myth was dispelled by the Italians’ belief that black diamonds were a sign of reconciliation and by gifting a black stone ring meant marital problems would be overcome and good fortune would be ensured.

We’re captivated by the beauty, myths, and mystery of black diamonds. They hold more than the history of the earth. They’re a rock of ages with the power, secrets, and mysteries of the universe hidden within them, which they effortlessly reveal in their timeless nature.

By wearing a black diamond, you’re wearing the embodiment of this majestic rock of ages and you become one with its incredible legacy- its facts and its myths.

Be uniquely expressive and choose from our collection of these rare gems. At 14facets we make sure that we bring you these black smokes of myth and mystery as close as possible to its original form. We allow you to love the diamond in its imperfect form so that you can appreciate the gem’s deeper meaning and the journey it undertook to get to earth. Take the 14facets journey with us and find the black diamond’s true meaning.

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