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Steel grey diamonds are as rare as the people who know about them.

Steel grey diamonds: a rare beauty lost in oblivion.

The gods cried for me. Cried for the ignorance of the people. For the oblivion that was my existence.

No more. I am beneath the soils down under. I dance under Brazilian skies. I drink with the Russians. I sing softly the songs of Africa. Yet they stay oblivious to my existence…

No more! I will rise from the ashes. I am the colour of steel. Like the steel forged and loved and feared by people, I will take my vengeance, my name will be praised by the once ignorant.

No more oblivion. No more ignorance.

Steel grey diamonds have not received much recognition through the ages. So many gems grace our earth. So many have beautiful stories told of them. Legends pertaining the gods and stories comparing diamonds to stars and many being characterised as cursed stones.

It would seem, with the obvious exclusion of the clear white diamond of course, that the rarest of gems are the most famous. This is not the case with grey diamonds though.

Steel grey diamonds are mined only in Brazil, Australia, Russia, and South Africa. They account for less than 2% of all coloured diamonds in the world. Yet these precious stones are priced with the lower-range of coloured diamonds. This is due to the anonymity of these diamonds. The supply easily meets the demand ensuring lower-prices.

Grey diamonds tend to show a very subtle shade or tone, other than other coloured diamonds that show very obvious colour saturation. From across the room, the gem could easily be mistaken for a classic clear white diamond.

These diamonds are formed in the same way as all other diamonds over many years. The grey colour difference comes from a large number of hydrogen atoms. It can also be caused by the presence of boron, which is more commonly responsible for a blue aura. Scientists still lack clarity as to why the presence of boron might have two different colours to effect in diamonds.

The most famous grey diamonds usually have a blue hue to them. As these diamonds are so rare that they barely exist, there are no world-renowned pure grey diamonds.

Now that you, our blog readers, are part of the few people in the world who know a bit more about these precious gems, you can shop with some piece of mind.


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