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Steel grey diamonds are as rare as the people who know about them.

The steel grey diamond is the black sheep of the diamond world. If only it were black, or any other colour for that matter, for then it would get much more publicity. You might be surprised that these are some of the rarest colour diamonds.

Grey diamonds being so rare would mean that the should be quite expensive, right? Actually, due to the anonymity of these beauties, the supply just about meets the demand. This means that these diamonds are priced with lower-range coloured diamonds, such as yellow and brown diamonds.

Steel grey diamonds reflect light relatively well. They have more of the desired sparkle quality than most other coloured diamonds. They also reflect deeper, darker colours than the usual clear white diamonds.

Jewellery manufactures often use grey diamonds to produce very unique designs, adding to the exclusivity of owning one of these gems. Steel grey diamonds are mined in Brazil, Russia, South Africa, and Australia. They account for less than 2% of all ‘fancy’ colour diamonds mined in the world.

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