14 Facets was created to bring you the beauty of diamonds untampered with.  Diamonds in their roughest form possible.

There is a rarity in these stones that surpasses the traditional. We see the beauty in these gems of life, we see the beauty in their natural imperfections, as each casts a different hue within the stone, telling a unique journey in how it formed and where it lived. A journey we wanted to share with you. And so we decided to make a space for these beautiful diamonds in bespoke creative designs with a South African influence.

Started by renowned jewellery designer Marelé Moolman and reputable rough diamond trader, Tomer Doron, 14 Facets are creations of personal pieces that at every stage are carefully considered, from the selection of the diamond, to how its facets should be polished – to the jewellery design that would best suit the stone. Each creation, like the stone, is unique. And each creation is personally worked on by both Marelé and Tomer.

Unique Creations for you, just because you are.

This is the most natural form of a diamond you can buy in jewellery.

14 Facets jewellery is designed to bring you the beauty of diamonds untampered.  Any diamond with less than 14 facets is a rough diamond and cannot be bought outside of certified diamond trading operations.  A 14 Facets polished diamond is as close to its natural state that you can wear.


We are members of the key accreditation bodies in both rough diamond trading and jewellery design and trading,
and operate to the highest standards and ethics.