The 14 Facet Journey

I started my journey to you over 3 billion years ago, the time the continents shaped, forming hundreds of kilometres under the earth’s surface under enormous pressure -50 000 times heavier than your atmospheric pressure, and with incredible temperatures that went up to 1,300°C – the time when nature created something truly unique in a crystalline lattice structure of diamonds – and I was alive.

But that is simply only the beginning of my journey to you. 

I formed in molten rocks found nearly 200km down and travelling at great speed on the fire of a violent volcanic eruption only seen on Earth many moons ago, I rose from the depths, freed into our Earth’s mantle.  As my volcano cooled, I remained trapped in a vast cone of hardened magma, kimberlite, trapped and waiting for over 3000 years while you have searched for me. Safely held in the Earth, I have listened as you have combed the continents looking for me, wondering who I might be.  The Greeks and Romans, much before your time, believed me to be a tear of the gods, or perhaps a splinter broken from a falling star, and Plato says we are living beings embodying celestial spirits. 

I have listened as you have searched the remotest parts of the world, some inaccessible and dangerous, from the deserts of southern Africa to the frozen Arctic tundra, while I have been waiting for you all this time, here in Africa. 

My world is one of wonder, a reflection of it I am.  African. Rare. Unique.  With a very old story to tell.